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See our best mobile plans for you and your family that is trusted by our Pacific People! We understand the need to always have access to what matters most while you are out and about.


3GB Data

$ 45
00 Per Month
  • Max Speed reduced after 3GB
  • Unlimited* Calls to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited* Text to NZ/AU

8GB Data

$ 55
00 Per Month
  • Max Speed reduced after 8GB
  • Unlimited* Calls to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited* Text to NZ/AU

50GB Data

$ 70
00 Per Month
  • Max Speed reduced after 50GB
  • Unlimited* Calls to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited* Text to NZ/AU

*Fair use policy applies. Person to person standard calls and texts only. Premium rate and special numbers excluded. Max speeds will be reduced to a maximum of 1Mbps once your Fast Data allowance has been exceeded. Network traffic management may apply during busy times. For use in NZ only. Roaming not included. Hotspotting included. $5 one off cost per SIM. Shipping fees may apply. You can bring your own number.

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Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a new MakaNet SIM. You can also bring your own mobile number so you can enjoy our mobile service! Keep your current number. Contact us to connect today.


*Max speeds on Unlimited Plans reduce to 1mbps after allocated plan data, per person & hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. At reduced speeds you can mostly use your data on your phone the same as before but image quality, loading times and high-speed applications will be impacted. Fair Use Policy applies.

After 100GB: You can mostly use your data on your phone the same as before including listen to music, browse online, Zoom call, stream, download stuff, watch movies but the image quality will be lower (particularly hotspotting to a big screen), it’s not suitable for HD video, there may be buffering/interruptions, some high speed gaming and applications may not work and loading large files may take longer. Unlimited mins/texts/data: Standard NZ and Aussie mins and person to person text, excl. premium rate numbers (eg short codes). Calls rounded up to the next minute. NZ data usage only. Excludes picture messages & video calls, standard rates apply. Click here for full T&Cs.

Fair use policy applies. Unlimited calls in NZ and Australia excludes premium numbers and directory services and video calling. Unlimited TXT excludes premium TXT numbers and MMS (PXT) messages which are $0.50 each (ex. GST)

When you place your mobile plan order, we will activate your SIM and send it to you. You just need to use a small pin to remove the SIM holder, insert the new SIM and close it again. If you experience any difficulty of not being able to use the SIM, please restart your mobile device.

Bring Your Own Number and we will port it from your provider to MakaNet. We will work with you to ensure enough time is required for the move so you have minimum down time.

MakaNet can provide you with a new number and you choose which plan to purchase.

When you insert your MakaNet SIM, it will automatically apply the APN for the mobile network. You do not have to make any changes to your mobile settings.

5GB Data

$ 40
00 Per Month
  • Fast Data 5GB
  • Unlimited Calls to NZ/AU
  • Unlimited SMS to NZ/AU
  • Hotspot